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News: Congrats to Tanya from QRA on her Level 1
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Author Topic: First ever Australian female to fly a M powered rocket on the 28th of May 2011.  (Read 1655 times)
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« on: October 31, 2011, 05:55:50 PM »

Now you might read post`s from some real mummys boys out there  thefinger that someone else was first you could argue all day about it but we all know the truth just check the dates that this first for Australian rocketry happened  dizlaugh

It all started in 2008 when Natalie Moore certified to level 1 and then level 2 in the same year,Not long after that the stirring`s of bigger rockets more power started to flow and before anyone in the club realised Natalie was talking about having a crack at level 3.
By this time 2009 had started, Life got very busy with work helping run the local rocket club there was only time to talk about what size rocket she wanted to build motor size you all know deal decisions decisions .Then came crunch time for Natalie as her husband said we have the funds we have the skill we have the field we have the club time to stop being a gunner and just do it.
After much searching the choice was made,Natalie always loved the look of the Polecat Thumper and in 2010 Natalie placed a order with Whatsuphobbies Jack the owner was most helpful even when it looked like the kit was too large to be shipped to Australia and cost for shipping the Thumper was HUGE to say the least he came through with the best deal possible.
Then some two weeks later a massive box turned up in OZ you guessed it the Thumper had landed time to unpack the goodies everything was in order thanks to Whatsuphobbies. Now came the build slowly but surely the thumper came together over the months then the many submissions to the Australian Rocketry Associations FTOs who helped mentor Natalie during this journey and what fun she had this thing is huge.
Next came D day the flight, the rocket was checked by the FTOs for one last time and it was time to set the Thumper up for flight once loaded on the pad alts checked it was time to launch 54321 launch the Thumper roared of the pad on a M1297 then reached apogee at 4500ft the drogue popped out as planned then next came the decent all was fine as to plan but at about 2000ft a the wind pushed the rocket around a fair bit this part was not fun to watch from the ground but she made it through in one piece and at 800ft the main popped out the parachute fully inflated and set the Thumper down nice and soft.
And history was made the first ever women in Australia to fly and certify to level 3 Natalie Moore from the Australian Rocketry Association INC not too mention she holds the other level 1 and 2 first for women in Australia.

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